Deer Hunts

Deer Hunting



(We do not have turkey hunts at this time)

*Single and Buddy ladder stands with safety harnesses are provided.*  No pop up stands allowed unless we okay placement before hand.  We will go over the stand or pop up tent placement before the hunt when we go over the waiver of liability  All hunts must be paid for in advance.  If a trophy buck is taken any extra fees will be paid immediately.

Stand/Ranch Access rates are:  
 $50 per day or $150 per 5 consecutive days

Types of hunts allowed:

Archery - Crossbow only

Rifle/Black Powder

Harvest Fee (Doe) .... $175
Harvest Fee (Buck) ... $350

Trophy Buck Fees are additional for any buck scoring 140 inches or more.
140"-150".... $400.
150"-160".... $600.
160"-180".... $800.
180" and over...$1200.

None of the above fees include food or lodging.

  All regulations must be followed, waiver of liability signed before the hunt, and safety equipment must be used.

This is a link to the Oklahoma deer regulations. 

Prices are subject to change.